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Material Handling When you work with us, you engage a team of experts who have streamlined processes in a vast range of industries around the world.

From the shop floor to enterprise level, we have improved processes throughout every stage of the manufacturing cycle and we can do the same for you.

How? Through industry solutions that help you meet the critical need of integrating your factory from beginning to end, bridging islands of automation and carrying information throughout your plant information that is essential to making better decisions and ultimately, increasing your profitability.

Equipment and Recipe Management Solutions for Automatic, Semi-automatic, and Manual Batch Executions

No two batch applications are the same. In the most simplistic of cases, control requirements can be fixed sequencing with little to no parameter modification needed. In the most complex scenarios, there can be multiple combinations of products, procedures and pathways that may require arbitration management across an entire plant.

  • The ability to meet these batch processing needs, all the variations in between, and provide actionable data requires a scalable control and information solution to help optimize your plant operations as needs change.


Batch Control and Beyond :

Using Integrated Architecture for Process, we provide not only an integrated, scalable solution following the ISA-88 standard procedural model, but also meets your other plant control and information needs including discrete, process, motion, drives and safety. One system offer multidiscipline control. That is what Integrated Architecture is all about.

Batch Solutions can extend to the entire manufacturing process including receiving, material handling, batching and blending, processing, packaging, shipping and information systems. This multidiscipline approach provides a single, open architecture that expands across your entire plant to provide a comprehensive solution for control and information.

Material Handling


Batch Solution

  • Open, flexible scaling of manufacturing systems using industry standard communication protocols.
  • Streamlining equipment arbitration and allocation requirements.
  • Enables maximum value of your batch automation system with preferred integration capabilities.
  • Comprehensive integration of manual procedures to an automated manufacturing system.
  • Integrated material management and recipe design.
  • Flexible Functionality: Batch solutions provide the flexibility and functionality you need to manage and increase production. A scalable batch solution helps you respond to ever-changing business dynamics by providing technology that puts you in control. Using S88-based functionality, you can develop recipes and processes independent of your process equipment. You can easily change recipe parameters, add new batches, or define which equipment your batches use, without requiring engineering or automation system changes.

Advantages of IS solution with intrinsically safe I/Os

  • Field instrumentation basically designed to consume less power which is suitable for hazardous areas and are inherently incapable of releasing enough energy to trigger an explosion in event of faults.
  • Field equipment construction is normal as no special housing is expected and occupies normal space.
  • Equipment can be opened in "live" condition and maintained in "live" condition.
  • Since equipment maintenance does not require de - energization, plant shutdown is not required .
  • Field side problems which typically dominate the life cycle of the system, like "open" wires from limit switches, "open" wires to valve solenoids, "shorted" valve solenoid coils etc. are sensed by the control system and reported in a pinpointed manner thus removing any "guess work" required during homing on to the exact problem, thus resulting in high level of plant availability for production despite of field problems.

Application Area

  • Food and Beverage
  • Bottling plant
  • Ink industries
  • Bitumin/Asphalt plant
  • Oil Industries


Hardware schemes for control systems implementation:
  • Flame proof field instrumentation
  • Intrinsically safe field Instrumentation with control system placed in
  • safe area with isolating Zener barriers for connecting normal I/Os to the field instrumentation
  • Intrinsically safe field Instrumentation with control system placed in safe area with Intrinsically safe I/Os for connecting to field instrumentation


Material Handling

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